Ranger 30 – UAS Sensor






RANGER 30 is the industry’s first complete airborne HD/30x Optical Zoom video system provided in a single package. RANGER 30 is a ready-to-fly camera system designed from the ground up with an eye on the needs of both the rugged industrial and military user.
RANGER 30 is a leap forward for both civilian and military users in providing an out of the box, easy to operate, and ready-to-fly video system for today’s airborne imaging requirements.

RANGER30 Datasheet (3.8MB PDF)

RANGER30 Demonstration Video (YouTube, 1:59)


  • Full HD 1920×1080 video Recording
  • Lightweight – Under 1 lb
  • 30x optical zoom with image stabilization
  • SBUS Camera Control – connects to existing controls
  • Adjustable auto-exposure response
  • Real-time HDMI output with simultaneous on-board recording
  • Removable recording media card
  • Designed for standard gimbal mounting
Ranger 30 – model OZ1:
(show special) $2,199.00 USD
Ranger 30 – model OZ1:
$2,899.00 USD

Ranger 30 – model OZ1:
(down payment) $1,000.00 USD

Sample Images
All of the following images are 20-megapixel, full size samples.

Box inspection
1x zoom image / 30x zoom on box:

Wall inspection
1x zoom image / 30x zoom on wall:

Light fixture inspection
1x zoom image / 30x zoom on light:


Power box inspection
1x zoom image / 30x zoom on label: