About SIP

Our success is measured by exceeding our customers’ expectations

Formed in 1988 as a full-service systems integrator specializing in configuring COTS computer equipment. Systems Integration Plus, Inc.’s (“SIP”) expertise quickly broadened to include – and later showcase – installation and configuration of popular deterministic and near-deterministic operating systems, such as, VxWorks, QNX, Linux and others. By the mid-1990’s SIP added software engineering capability to develop device drivers, firmware, middleware, applications, and graphical user interfaces for these operating systems.

Today, SIP is a leader in leading edge electronic packaging products and software design and configuration as well as bolstering its roots in system integration


Arnold L Buzzard had a vision. The former University of Michigan Chemical Engineer, MBA, Stauffer Chemical Engineering Manager, Texas Instrument technical sales manager and then Motorola Mid-West Sales manager envisioned the decline of proprietary computer systems. He also saw the opportunity that VMEbus (Versa Module European) and Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technologies brought to the military and heavy industrial markets.

Founding I.M. Systems, Inc. in 1982, he led the establishment and development of a professional sales organization. An avid evangelist for VMEbus/COTS based hardware, Arnold would take any opportunity to promote the concept of standards based architecture in computer design and the ability to use a multiple vendor approach to ultimate system design.

It was this zeal that brought about the emergence of Systems Integration Plus (SIP) in 1988, as a high level solutions provider. Listening to customers and noting their desire to have “turn-key”, application ready systems, Arnold embarked on the SIP concept to bring multiple technologies, vendors and innovative design practices as a system solution for the customer base. Modified COTS: Changing that last 10% of a COTS design to meet specific customer needs while maintain a strong hold on the support, logistical and long term cost savings of a true COTS based.

This has been and is the key to SIP’s emergence, growth and long-term success. Today, this remains as one of our major core competency and it’s use and application is as valid now, as it was in 1988.