Systems Integration Plus, Inc., is an expert in backplane technology.  For over 20 years, our team of experts have demonstrated expertise in creating sophisticated solutions for the most demanding applications.  As an active member of both PICMG and VITA, our backplanes meet and/or exceed all relevant specifications.


SIP develops innovative, practical solutions for a variety of bus technologies, including:

  • VPX Open VPX VME64x
  • CompactPCI  Bus
  • VPX
  • VXS
  • Industrial PCI


Does your application require a custom backplane?  Our wide-ranging experience transforms your vision into reality.  Qualified to ISO 9001, our internal system of controls ensures faultless layout development:  with optimal component placement, balanced impedance, no undesirable reflections, adapted signal propagation delays, standards-based insulation, and EMC, ECL-compliant.


3U PN: SBCPI-300

CPCI, 3U, PICMG 2.19, 7 slots,

CompactPCI, 3U, 64-bit

6U PN: SBV6XH-600
VME64x (Hyrbrid) Backplane, 6U, 6 slots. 1 s lot 6U VPX, 2 slots 6U VXS, 3 slots 6U VME64x no/P0