CEC (Compact Embedded Computer)

Highly integrated, rugged embedded computers

The CEC is a revolutionary family of low power, small footprint, highly integrated rugged embedded computers with a custom designed aluminum chassis. CEC computers are designed for extended temperature, fanless operations in the most demanding environments. CEC designs integrate normal PC connections in our standard chassis as well as custom versions which with MIL-SERIES 38999 and IP67 connectors. Designed for flexibility, each CEC can easily be mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail or configured with flanged sides for wall/bulkhead mounting.

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CEC System Matrix

  CEC10 Family CEC7* CEC4
CEC11 CEC12 CEC14 -11 -10
Processor Intel Atom E3815 Intel Atom E3825 Intel Atom E3845 Intel Atom Z530P RISC SoC ARM
CPU-Speed 1.46 GHz 1.33 GHz 1.91 GHz 1.6 GHz 1.2 GHz
Chipset SoC PoulsboXL US15WPT  
Memory up to 8GB
up to 2GB via 200-pin SO-DIMM socket DDR2-533 512MByte DDR2
Temperature Range -20°C up to +60°C -20°C to +60°C -20°C to +60°C
Extended Temp. -40°C up to +85°C -40°C to +75°C -40°C to +85°C
Size 62 x 162 x 118 mm ( W x H x D) 62 x 162 x 118 mm ( W x H x D)
Function Overview
Graphics DP, Intel HD
opt. eDP / VGA
1x DVI-D  up to 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) n/a
Gbit Ethernet 5 4 3
USB 2.0 3
1x USB 3.0
7 3
PS/2 n/a 1 port, mouse and keyboard combined n/a
Serial 1 port RS232
opt. 1 RS232 or RS422/485
2 ports
opt. RS232 or RS422/485
RS232 console port
Storage IF mSATA, eMMC
opt. 2.5 HD/SSD
2x SATA (up to 300Mbytes/s)
Input Voltage 8 – 36 VDC
(reverse polarity and load dump protection)
8 – 36 VDC
(reverse polarity and load dump protection)
Power Consumption 8 – 18W typically 12W 5-9 W
Expansions miniPCIe
opt. PCIe/104
mini PCIe slot (for WLAN, GPS, Flash, …)
Special   microSD

* for new designs, use CEC10 Family


CEC Options Matrix

Although the MPL Processor boards are traditionally quite well equipped, special interfaces like sound or standard PCI slots are sometimes required in industrial applications. We provide you with a selection of optional expansion modules to further extend the capabilities of these processor boards.
Product / Function CEC10 Family CEC7* CEC4 Comments
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px external
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px external
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px mini PCIe
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px on-board
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px version REDPI-1
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px mini PCIe
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px version SERIF-1ISO
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px   version SERIF-2ISO
  checked-checkbox-25px       up to 6 additional slots with SIM
  checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px mini PCIe
EN 50155 Railway certified   checked-checkbox-25px    checked-checkbox-25px   Class TX
IEC 60945 Maritime certified in preparation    checked-checkbox-25px    

* for new designs, use CEC10 Family

CEC Housing Options Matrix

CEC Housing options Footprint Height Characteristics
62.0 x 120.0 mm 162.1 mm rugged chromated aluminum with stainless steel plates
62.0 x 123.0 mm 198.05 mm rugged chromated aluminum with stainless steel plates
Open Frame min. 102 x 153 mm min. 23 mm mounted on cooling plate with passive cooling concept
MIL / Outdoor 175 x 182 mm min. 66 mm for harshest environment up to IP67 protected



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PDF: CEC10 Family DS (Intel ATOM Bay Trail CPU) • 1.35MB

PDF: Datasheet_CEC7 • 536KB

PDF: Datasheet_CEC4 • 449KB